Welcome to Hostal Erika

This comfortable hostel and the cozy cabin have been named after me, their founder. My name is Erica Muñoz Bello and the history of this place started with the need to bring up my children, to carry out a personal undertaking and to be a housewife.

That is why I started to lodge a few people and, as time went by, and as a result of the polite assistance provided, this habit became what today is known as Hostal Erika, which can accommodate 21 guests in the house and 7 guests in our cabin.

Hostal Erika is and will continue to be the best site to rest immersed in a family atmosphere and with the matchless warmth of home. The good assistance provided is essential and will certainly lead to friendship after having stayed at this beautiful grand house.


Send us an email to check availability and make your reservation. We will contact you shortly.

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